About Me

- Hello Everyone.. Welcome and thank you so much for being here!

My name is Idris De Angeli - AKA "The Piccadilly Beltman".

I have always had a passion for making things, specially in creating beautiful objects that are also functional and with a high degree of durability, so working with high quality natural leathers to create useful accessories such as belts, certainly fits the bill.

Being a maker has also been a great way on remaining self employed, independent and relatively free to pursue many other interests and life passions such as photography, Yoga practice, and most notably a life long career in music, as a percussionist.

My experience with leather-craft started back in the 1980s - having taught myself to work with leather, I started making belts and selling them from a stand at the notorious Camden Lock market at weekends.

Having re-engaged with leather craft as a main profession in the last 10 years, I have now been trading in person at Piccadilly Market at St.James' since 2011, where I effectively demonstrate traditional leather-craft by making the belts in full view of my clients, on a "made-to-measure-while-you-wait" basis, which has given me the opportunity to refine my skills in the art of belt making, and also to create a solid core of satisfied costumers and returning regular clients.

As a way to provide a follow-up channel in order to offer all my clients guarantee and continuity, beside including a contacts card with every purchase, I have been trying to keep up to date by maintaining a presence through social media.
so anyone that is interested in my work can choose to be kept updated on my work on either :
FaceBook: ( DeAngeli Design @piccadillybelts )
Twitter: ( Piccadilly Beltman @piccadillybelts )
Instagram: ( @piccadilly.belts )

Since lately I have been experiencing more and more existing, and new costumers, asking to order my work by messaging or emailing me. I feel it's about time for me to try to simplify the ordering process.
So the aim of this website is to present an easy purchase channel for my work, by offering a basic choice of the most popular designs through clear photos and descriptions.

It may not be possible to fully replicate online the experience of coming to my market stand and seeing your belt being made, but I can promise you that, with every order, you will always be getting the same top quality you would expect from the "Piccadilly Beltman". And I will I'll let the past references and testimonies be the assurance to the quality and durability of my belts.

Many Thanks to all!

Idris De Angeli – July 2018